The Beach,

The Bar,

The Bachelorette

Heading to the azure blue waters of the Aegean sea for a dip, the ocean blue sets a calm before the beginning of an outrageous party storm- an apt description of our co-founder Kaabia’s bachelorette. The picturesque island of Mykonos is a more laid-back and sartorial Ibiza for the ones who need an introduction to the mykonian paradise. The lime-white island with Bouganvilla’s spilling across villas, paints an exotic and scenic picture which was once the frequented respite for evergreen fashion icons right from Brigitte Bardot and Jackie O, to Grace Kelly in the 60’s.

Known for it’s glamorous and scenic beauty, Mykonos was the dream location for Kaabia, as her sister & co-founder Sasha, and the bachelorette crew plan a week of basking in the sun and dancing till dawn. The infamy of a bachelorette goes down in history as one of the most momentous times in a girl’s life, pulling out all stops to have one hell of a trip to celebrate the end of singlehood and sashay through a wild journey with the closest friends.

‘The ocean is my vibe,I celebrated my 30th amidst it,
now my bachelorette, and so will be my wedding’




The bachelorette was a special experience for the bride-to-be, as her crew of 9 people go the extra mile planning the hens with a personal and sartorial touch. From scourging for the bulletproof itineraries and outfits, the accent of the one-time event boiled down to the custom-made extravaganza that defies a quintessential vacation with friends verses an all-star bachelorette.
Unveiling the first ever resort line of Outhouse featuring the party starter kit, that holds a unique assortment of accessories personalised for her crew. This bachelorette is the first, and a very special event for Outhouse as well as the founders and the crew, as the recipient of the first kit happens to be the Outhouse Original Bride herself.


The Jewelled Party

As the founder of Outhouse, a jewelled version of a masquerade is an imperative addition to the experience as witnessed for the jewelled dinner at Scorpio’s, the popular eatery overlooking the Paraga Beach. The crew sported an over-the-top bikini clad jewelled makeover at Kaabia’s favourite visiting destination in Mykonos, herself wearing a mix of boho-luxe and Navajo-esque ear-cuffs bearing feathered plumes and hints of the iconic Outhouse butterfly; saving Coachella for right after dinner could have been an option for the crew had it not been for the promised bar crawls. u2028
#myKabonos reconnoitres to the Outhouse aesthetic that imbibes custom-made jewellery and goodies for the founders and the crew, fashioning baroque crowns studded with Swarovski and iconic motifs taken from the collections over the years, feathered ear-studs, and chokers all signatory Outhouse.


Dress Code:

Coordinated Crew

A bachelorette never leaves base camp without the uniform, in the case of our founders it comes from two design houses of the crew sailing the bachelorette boat. Fashion is key to achieving a memorable bachelorette, for which every crew whips up into shape and whips out their photography skills. For this bride though, we are talking custom-made swimwear for the entire crew, fished out from the resort-wear Bachelorette tote bag by Shivan & Narresh, who were also part of the Mykonos-bound bachelorette; coming right up with the Outhouse Big Bachelorette special.

The Outhouse Party Starter kit featured the personalised duffle bags embroidered with Kaabia’s bachelorette mantra of ‘I Do S(crew)’ and opening up with customised accessories, baggage tags, leaving the unmentionable naughty nothings aside.

Sun-down to Sun-up

An itinerary that features more than dining options..


We started with a Mediterranean meal at Interni before progressing into the all nighter that was bound to happen, food becomes a necessity before the advent of the customary pub crawls. We hopped from bonbonniere( it’s a club), to Queen of Mykonos, ARGO , and last was COSI- an authentic Greek bar.Followed by Astra the next night- which we probably visited each night from thereon! The music and the vibe of the club was absolutely perfect.We also went to a few up-coming bars like Scarpa, Babylon and Jackie O.



The key is to not just focus on food but opt for an entire gastronomical experience absorbing the beautiful atmosphere of Mykonos. Some of my favourite places to frequent would definitely be Interni, Scorpios and, Principate, where we combined our sunbathing rituals with cocktails and Mediterranean delicacies; to Hippie Fish a rustic and quaint restaurant with a gorgeous beachfront view and some amazing seafood.

Amidst the hazy pub crawls and foodgasms, what do you bring back from your bachelorette experience?

I think one of these for an experience felt very brief, I definitely want an encore! But for this time, I brought home a lot of special memories that I will cherish for a lifetime.