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10 Rings That Undoubtedly Make The Best Birthday Gift

On any regular day, accessories can help you add edginess to your look and an easy, affordable way to do it is with rings. Whatever you wear - a basic shirt, a flared dress or athleisure - can be uplifted to the status of ‘complete’ simply with rings. To achieve this, statement rings can be worn solo or few dainty ones can be stacked.

Rings also feature unique accessories to gift a close one. Though it’s small in size, it’s impactful in many thoughtful ways. If their birthday is marked on your calendar, or gratitude is what you want to express, invest in a ring. Reasons? Aplenty.

  • It’s a small, yet wearable present that one can keep close to themselves wherever they go.
  • They’re versatile in design and can be matched with a myriad of clothing options.
  • They’re gender fluid and can be worn by people across ages.
  • They’re are designed with an adjustable band that can be worn on different fingers.

The Best Rings for Her Birthday

Le Cleo Ring

Introducing the trending ‘toi et moi’ ring that features an adjustable band with a clear crystal on one side and a jade green carved cabochon on the other. It’s a perfect gift for contemporary styling.

OH Drip Nora Ring

Presenting another ring with the same me-and-you concept, the Dip OH Nora Ring features pearls in two organic shapes that are finished with gold dripping accents.

Drip OH Nora Cigar Ring

The chunky cigar rings brings edginess to every look. Molded with 22k gold-plated metal, the ring is finished with an organic pearl with the House’s dripping accents overlapping it.

Drip OH Molten Ring in Bubblegum Pink

If pink is her go-to hue, take a look at the Drip OH Molten Ring. The eclectic ring is finished with a pour of dual-tone enamel in bubblegum pink. The ring is available in acid green too.

Drip OH Crossover Ring

The perfect crossover between fashion and function is seen above. The House’s Drip OH Monograms over-turned, inter-locked and made to take the shape of your finger. The ring is adjustable in size. 

OH Poppi Clump Ring

The OH Poppi Clump Ring is a bestselling style that features five-petal floral motifs. In a triangular interplay, the ring displays minimalism with elegance.

Flutter Midi Ring in Gunmetal - Right Wing

Crafted to resemble the wings of a butterfly, the midi ring is a dainty piece she’s sure to love. Make a pair with its left and right wings. The pieces are also available in gold.

The O.H Monogram Spin Ring

Transforming the ‘OH’ initials into a multipurpose signature ring set in 22K Gold Plating; the O.H. Monogram Spin Ring is an interplay of creativity and exquisite craftsmanship. 

If His Birthday Gift Is on Your Mind, Discover These Versatile Pieces:

Poppi Bolt Ring - Gunmetal

The scallop-edged razor-like design of the OH Epee Ring evokes a sense of edginess and promises to be investment-worthy. It’s features a unisex quality and is crafted in silver, gold and gunmetal finishes.

OH Acuti Unisex Ring in Silver

The OH Poppi Bolt Ring is expressive of the wearer’s spirit. The design combines the softness of the floral motif with the strength of hardware. Also available in silver. 

Final Thought

The options are endless and one is really spoiled for choice with such a varied range of styles. However, the easiest way to narrow down on the best gift is to understand the receiver’s personality and preferences, which will tell you what style they would like best. Gift giving has never been easier, as Outhouse boasts a wide selection of rings right from eclectic preferences to simpler dainty aesthetics, so there’s something for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I choose the right ring size for the person I am gifting it to?

If you want to surprise a close one with ring as a birthday present, invest in adjustable band styles. It’s the perfect option to go for, in case you don't know their ring size precisely.On the other hand, if disclosing your gift seems to be the right idea, ask the wearer to measure their size.

For measuring your ring size, all one needs is a thread, pen and ruler. 

  • Wrap around a thin thread around your finger.
  • Mark the intersecting point of the thread with a pen. 
  • Place straight along a ruler. 
  • Check in length in milimetres. 

What are the different types of rings that can be given as a birthday gift?

As a birthday gift, versatile rings are the best styles to discover. Be it for men or women, versatile pieces are thoughtful as they can be an accompaniment to every look. Also, choose adjustable bands with unique silhouettes in case you don’t know their precise ring size. 

Another key factor to consider while purchasing a ring is it’s quality and finish. As rings are worn on the hand, they are exposed to multiple surfaces. To prevent discolouration or tarnish, invest in a gift that is plated with 22k gold. Also avoid breakage, if you choose premium materials.

At Outhouse, we consider all during craftsmanship!