The euphoria of the 90s, the exuberance of childhood and teenage, a playful collision of future and nostalgia- such is the essence of the all new era of Outhouse.

Introducing with great delight, “Le Lien x Furbie”, your energetic accessories for the season- whimsical charms that celebrate self expressionism.

multifunctional Le Lien Lanyards for women online
Le Lien x Furbie

Each good design begins with a great concept, and each great concept begins with a thought-pro-voking, compassion driven inspiration that propels you to create!

This summer, before the collection took shape, designers Kaabia and Sasha revisited their child-hood home, and in it rediscovered the joy of the days past through memories in framed photo-graphs, doodles at the back of notebooks, and listening to 90’s hip hop music. It is these memories that inspired the dynamic collection, a collection that celebrates the nostalgia of what was, with a vision of what is to come.

The playful, funky and edgy Furbie is a nano luxury bag and a throwback to the iconic Furby toys that we’ve grown up with. Crafted in vegan patent leather, and finished with a luxe faux fur top handle and our iconic OH V mono-gram, the Furbie comes in colours that fit every summer palette. It can be worn as a belt bag, a top handle, adorned as a crossbody or as a bag charm on your totes or troves of bags.

OH V Furbie in Tuscan Yellow & The Pearl Jam Monogram Convertible Lanyard.
OH V Furbie in Prussian Blue, Seafoam Green, Scarlet Red
The Bubblepop Disco Convertible Lanyard

While the Le Lien lanyards are a fun and practical re-imagination of optical chains with a techno futuris-tic essence. With our iconic house monogram and symbolic motifs from the OH V series, graced by ce-lestial charms, the evil eye, and the all-new mono-gram bullet bead—the lanyards in pearls, gold, and multicolour options bring together futurism and nos-talgia for each one of us, still young at heart! With versatility as its quintessence, Le Lien lanyards can also be played up in multiple ways—as super-fun Airpod grips, eccentric mask chains and sunglass chains, or to sling up your Furbies to further its charm.

I Am Mine Name Convertible Lanyard
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The collection perpetuates the ties between the past and the present, offering a novel way to ap-proach self-expressionism in a narrative that celebrates confidence, your joys, your nostalgia and YOU! This season, indulge yourself in some modern contemporary accessories and luxury designer handbags laced with a good old nostalgic charm.