The O.H. Series

Outhouse introduces the alluring O.H Series of daywear classics made for today’s fierce, young and modern woman. An exciting new take on the house’s OH Motif. The collection boasts versatility and is crafted to leave behind everyday statement looks. An explosion of blistering gold, the intricately shaped ‘OH’ patterns give the jewels a sculptural aura.

The resonance of the brands past, present and future have been metamorphosed into architectured expression. In a perpetual search for innovation, the eye catching everyday jewels exhibit a sense of supremacy. The designs exude Outhouse’s informally elegant signature aesthetic that compliments the wearer’s everyday style and personality.

The brand pays homage to the symbolic house emblem: a celebration of an experimentally creative journey.

A new collection,
a new aesthetic,
a new identity
and a new classic-
O.H. V and the O.H. Monogram

The first series of timeless classics, carrying contemporary house codes with a dense display of artistic brilliance.

‘It has been important for us to keep the flame of hand craftsmanship alive and capture the relationship between Outhouse and its artists’

Kaabia & Sasha Grewal

Outhouse Co-Founders

An unspoken language between the creator and the wearer, a story – a map of an artisan’s journey, each adored jeweled piece handed with utmost love, as perfect and unique as the Outhouse Woman. She carries with her the spirit and signature elegance of the house and perfectly balances sharpness of details and feminine allure.