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Which Jewellery Finish You Should Choose

Metallic Jewellery Finishes That Are Timeless

Metallic Jewellery Finishes That Are Timeless

What Are The Types Of Jewellery Finish?

When it comes to types of jewellery, there are uncountable ones. It’s important to discover your favourite kind that can enhance your overall look for different occasions - be it a formal dinner or a wedding party. Jewellery finishes in timeless metallic tones appear as silver, gold, rose gold or gunmetal. At Outhouse, these metal finishes are obtained from 22k gold or silver and elements such as rhodium or ruthenium. 

1. Gold Finish Jewellery

Gold finish jewellery options range from bracelets to necklaces and rings to earrings. Our style suggestion would be to opt for a piece that strikes the perfect balance between trendy and classic. Include solid cast pieces that are wardrobe essentials and some embellished ones for special events. 

OH Tip: Stack some dainty rings, bracelets or necklaces for a fuller look and on the other hand, wear a larger statement accessory solo.

2. Silver Finish Jewellery

Silver finish jewellery will always make a stellar appearance when it’s worn with elegant outfits. Paired best with neutral colours like navy blue, grey or white, silver jewellery is easy to style. Look to studded accessories if you’re new at styling silver finish jewellery. 

OH Tip: Focus on styling not more than one or two pieces at a time and let its sparkle speak. 

Gunmetal Finish Jewellery

For an understated yet sleek appearance, choose gunmetal finish jewellery. A perfect companion to your regular weekday attires, gunmetal jewellery at Outhouse is minimal, making it a versatile accessory to adorn at any moment. The creation of our gunmetal finish is an ode to our principle of unconventionality. 

OH Tip: Wear gunmetal finish jewellery wherever you go! Jewellery at Outhouse is plated and polished to ensure longevity and prevent corrosion. They also serve as styles for men.

4. Rose Gold Finish Jewellery

While gunmetal jewellery was for your every day, rose gold finish jewellery at Outhouse is handcrafted with cubic zirconia or pearls, making them perfect to style for different occasions. They are truly a vision of sophistication.

OH Tip: Style our rose gold finish jewellery with western ensembles as well as ethnic ones!

The inherent contemporary aesthetic of the House’s metallic finish jewellery showcases luxury and quality - two values we prioritise. Every piece of jewellery is made locally by hand which adds to its uniqueness. Discover all our designer jewellery collections online and in stores. 

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