"This is the one day I wanted to be perfect, and everything else was brought together to make this one moment unique and special" started Kaabia when asked about her wedding, "All my jewellery collection from earrings to hair bandsrings to cuffs, each of them was designed and made specially to tie in the occasion perfectly"  by us she adds.

The venue was an extension of her idea for the big day and it was only amplified by the bridal jewellery, hand-crafted details, bridesmaids and groomsman gifts and more. "Each detail was thought through, and no stone was left unturned to make it anything less than perfect" explains Kaabia.

The overall theme screamed 'All Things Ethereal' from the decor to the location to the outfit and of course, the jewellery, they all resonated that exact emotion.

The bride's entry was on a boat that was covered with all kinds of flowers in soft shades of pink, ivory, bubblegum and eggshell dotted with lush green.

"I always felt connected to the ocean and knew I wanted to start my new life on that note "



Bespoke Gifting

The millennial bride was sure that she needed to make this destination wedding a true 'Outhouse Experience' that hasn't been seen before. It entailed every detail from customised giveaways to bespoke jewellery, to tailor-made ensembles to colour coded decor, it was a wedding that truly cannot be forgotten.

Even though the nuptials were traditional, the outlook and idea was extremely modern. A little over 50 days prior, the bride brought together all her favourite bridesmaids and groomsmen to Narendra Bhavan in Bikaner to kick start the festivities.

They were pampered in the lap of luxury with one big surprise, designer Atsu Sekhose. He arrived shortly after the bridal party to acquaint himself with the posey and take measurements, styles and ideas on what each of them will be wearing for the big day. In theme of course, each of them were styled in ensembles that suited their personalities best in hues of bubblegum and ivory, a hint of sparkle and a whole lot of love.

Favors For Groomsmen

For the wedding day in specific, each member of the bridal and groom party were given a special bundle of love that had bespoke treats to wear for the festivities.Each man was given the Outhouse"  Kabanng Royale Brooch " that featured carved tulips in rose quartz, limited edition Swarovski crystals, keshi pearls. Each of which took 30 hours of hand-sculpting at the atelier.

Favors For Bridesmaids

The women were given the custom made Lophorina Couture ear cuffs which were artfully handcrafted with white enamel, swirl shells, hints of ruby and crystals fashioned in “birds of paradise” motifs. Both of these were made keeping in mind the outfits, theme and bride. They came in a box with a special note and delicate flowers to match.

Sasha Grewal

Maid of Honour

The Bride

The beach provided a perfect backdrop for the bride who wore a custom Shivan & Narresh lehenga that featured the brand’s signature ecru carnation skeinwork was infused over the surface using pearls and ivory beads and a delicate three-metre custom embroidered Ivory Lace Veil.

To compliment this, Kaabia was sure to give it a romantic touch with her Bespoke Shell Bridal Kaleras featuring 45 florida cockle shells, 55 trivia shells, 380 fresh water shells that took over 600 hours of work by Outhouse’s master craftsmen.

To match, she designed the Lophorina Couture Midi Rings seen at its finest with an assortment of Lophorina birds, dazzling Swarovski crystals, swirl shells and white enamel that were perfectly in-tune with the ear-cuffs that were worn by all the bridesmaids and her sister Sasha. 

The jewellery was extended via the Lophorina tiara, choker and earrings. All-in-all it was an ethereal vision, just like the bride wanted.

The Groom

The groom also wore a Turban Pin and The Kabanng double pin shell brooch both of which features precious crystals, feathers and were handcrafted to perfection to match the bride's elaborate look.

For the brother and father, Kaabia created the Outhouse Double Pin Kabanng Royale Brooch set with brilliant cut limited edition Swarovski crystals and decorate with fresh water pearls and carved tulips in rose quartz and Melon Sculpté Buttons. Needless to say, the Outhouse family shone as bright as the love in their eyes for the beloved couple.

The mother of the bride wore Outhouse Intemporel Cape Necklace that has used over 1500 pieces of fresh water pearls, individually handpicked. The creation required more than 120 hours and 18 master craftsman representing the finest artistry handcrafted at the atelier.