Keeping in theme with the unique wedding, the opening night had to be something one has never seen before—presenting the Mad Mansion Party.  

The entire evening was conceptualised on the elaborate pieces that the bride herself worked on in close tandem with those of her mother's creations. It was effervescent of her prised relationship with her mother, and she wanted to begin her wedding on that special note.

It all started with the bespoke Earcuff featuring over 2000 swarovski crystals, 780 tourmalines all intricately crafted and executed over 95 days creating an 'Enchanted Forest'  that started from the hear all the way to the head featuring brides, branches, insects all mystically twinkling in harmony. The idea of using these many gemstones was to reflect the twinkling effect that takes over after the rain. To match this creation there were also Hand Pieces, Full Jewelled Body Harnesses, Half Butterfly Jewelled Hair Clips and Multiple Rings.

Her mother's necklace featured two oversized shell Kaabia found on her last trip, strung together with pearls, tourmalines and swarvoski crystals to match.

Additionally there were shell earring and last but not the least, a pink pearl outhouse bag!


But it didn't stop there, the entire family including co-founder Sasha Grewal wore a sun-ray statement necklace in rose gold, and all the 'Outhouse Men' wore bespoke handmade brooches and lapel pins created from feathers, crystals and motfs that resonated with Kaabia's look.

But this was just the start for a truly mad evening featuring the ultimate colour of sin—pink and all the shades that come with it. Guests were encouraged to don their favourite version of the hue with a crazy headgear to match (or not! whatever felt right for the mansion!)


The bride wore a custom Amit Aggarwal ensemble in tones of magenta, eggplant with metallic hints that offset her elaborate 10,000 swarvoski interlinking body harness perfectly (which took over 4 months to create).

But nothing compared to the details of the decor that took forever to bring to perfection. As you approached the mansion, the gentle hiss of the techno music drew you closer to the screaming lights from the large french windows. The windows were fitted with lights that were programmed to flicker ever 10 seconds, matching the beat. When you enter, you'd be greeted with a lavish spread of pink lit up and opaque balls entwined with the Nuart Events crew that had some crazy acts planned.

Endless stripes of crystals, surreal pink lights, dreamy feathers, Schiaparelli pink drapes, psychedelic neon signs, and whimsical corners populated with flowers, balloons, candles and more surrounded the atmosphere, only to ignite the excitement of the beginning of #KABANNG

All in all it was an evening of letting inhibitions go, enjoying the music by the sea, dreaming of things unseen, and kicking off the celebrations.

Stay tuned to hear all about #KABANNG Le Hoi, a henna party like you have never seen before!

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