with binge-worthy baubles to love and layer

Fashion has a moment periodically now and then. Between JLo’s Versace V-neck number, the new Bottega, and old Celine, we all strive to hold onto some evergreen moments online. Majority of the era is riding the millennial wave, living life fully within the pre-organised ‘grams. But living the fast life and remaining fashionably relevant is a big dent in the pocket along with being just toxic. As jewellery lovers in the age of rifting through trends, there is a jewelled lining— or rather a range of everlasting classics that don’t demand to recycle. This jewellery edit conquers Instagram style with pieces that make picture-perfect moments to capture.

“This jewellery edit conquers Instagram style with pieces that make picture-perfect moments to capture.”

One can skip the trend fatigue by housing some of the anti-season jewels that our designers created. The key takeaway here is to be remarkably simplistic but also bold, which happens to be an Outhouse signature. Picking our favourites from the OH Logo series are accessories designed to harmonise the charm of pairing and layering. From the iced latte season right to the hot cappuccinos these work round the clock in the most pleasing way.

An all-time favourite look is to pair up ear studs with the chunky OH V choker. If you’re not one for the neck condiments, swap out with multicoloured wrap leather wristlets. While flaunting a deep-v neck or even a back-favouring halter you can emphasise with layered neck-chains and pendants.

The spin rings and the midi rings are of course, condition-less in their make. You can stack them on or opt for a single one to be fashionably ennui. It is a match made in jewellery heaven with limitless options that throw out the rule book titled less is more or more is more. Anything goes with the spirit of Outhouse.