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The season of weddings galore is here, and while the outfits remain forever opulent, the locations have become far and flamboyant. Trying to adapt to the new destination wedding ball game becomes a lot easier with a little help from knowledgeable sources. We got the lay of the land to give our brides ultra-fresh looks that are a cut above the traditional.

Being an Outhouse bride allows you to explore femininity in its most creative and luxurious form. Jewellery and women is a relationship that revolves around self-love, confidence and taking it up a level.

Exploring this precious bond is the couture jewels of the 2.0 Resort Bride. Even without the French Riviera setting, the pieces proclaim whimsy and romance. The palette combines hues of cream and ivory paired with frosted pinks. All are woven together with seashells, pearls, white feather plumes, and Swarovski crystals.

We are in fact in the middle of the wedding revolution which favours exotic landings for the big day. And so the themes change accordingly to offer a new definition of wedding fashion. The sartorial brides of today want to stand apart and the best way to wow the crowd is with a bit couture in the jewellery vocabulary.

There are crowns, and the trademark Outhouse mohawks studded with pearls and shells. Brooches, bridal rings, and ear cuffs mark the trajectory of unique baubles to designer bag. And just when you think that you’ve heard it all, there is much more on the carousel.

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