Discover The Bridal Jewellery Trends of 2023

As the year nears its end, let’s take a look at the jewellery trends that sparked and remained to steal the title of ‘bestseller’. Summing up, Bridal jewellery appeared more maximal than ever, with new-age materials stealing the spotlight. We, at Outhouse, injected our inimitable artistry into trending bridal jewellery pieces, creating works of art that feature shells, pearls, semi-precious stones, or a pour of enamel. 

Shell Jewellery

The first to hit the trends chart was shell jewellery in the bridal category which underwent an ultra-chic update. Ear pieces or head, the entire collective comprised bohemian tones of pink, white and beige that could complete a dreamy bridal look. 

Pearl Jewellery

Next, we saw the popularity of pearl jewellery that eluded a timeless charm. These pieces, till date, are versatile options for a bride to be or a wedding guest. Style them with your contemporary outfits as well as ethnic ones!

Semi-precious jewellery

Semi-precious jewellery was a popular choice among women, as this year we lived in colour. From vibrant greens to earthy beiges, the bridal colour palette was reimagined with vivacious energy. Semi-precious gemstones were paired with crystals to create a vision of beauty. 

Metallic Jewellery

Among the women who strived to be bold and different, metallic jewellery was a must-have! With an edgy industrial aesthetic, these metallic pieces were finished with gleaming gold and silver, and sometimes embellished with monotone crystals. 

Beaded Jewellery

Dainty beaded jewellery striked a balance between modern and traditional. A concoction of traditional motifs with white beads, this collective was an enchanting expression. Our signature birds embraced these handcrafted jewels.

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