Different Types Of Earrings For Women

The beauty of earrings is their everlasting versatility. The choices to style them is endless and they can simply enhance any outfit. One can effortlessly adorn a good mix of different types of earrings and single handedly transform an entire look.  

Starring the iconic type of earrings in India from Outhouse, find the perfect piece that would be the ideal match for transitional day to night dressing. 

Scintillating Stud Earrings

A simple yet chic accent to any attire, stud earrings add an impeccable finishing touch to any look with a sense of understated glamour. Amongst the different types of earrings for women, studs define simplicity at its best, with a delicate pop of dazzle to the outfits.    

Statement Earrings

One can go all out by adorning statement pieces that can instantly elevate any outfit with their enigmatic appearance. Maximalist earrings are a great pick when it comes to accessorising a simple outfit with just one alluring piece that can effortlessly transform an entire outfit. These earrings can be dressed from morning to evening, to add the perfect finishing touch. 

Dynamic Jhumka Earrings

Jhumka earrings present themselves with a high glamour quotient which can be a stylish companion to amp up one’s outfit. They hold a significant quality of catching one’s attention and upgrade a simple outfit into a rather dynamic and charming one. With jhumkas, one can also choose to opt for something more contemporary and one-of-a-kind. 

Heavenly Hoop Earrings

Elevating casuals to dressy attires, hoop earrings can be a beguiling addition to your look. A scintillating combination of hoops always find a special place in one’s outfit, propelling a whimsical charm with its statement-making properties.    

Captivating Chandelier Earrings

If you are trying to build a well-balanced collection of earrings that cater to all styles, chandelier earrings would be an elegant and maximal addition. With an elaborate dazzling accent to every attire, chandelier earrings offer a variety of designs that can be widely experimented with.    

Decadent Drop Earrings

Drop earrings offer a sleeker and refined design that acts as an impeccable silhouette for accessorising your evening look. An extension of the classic studs, drop earrings make a perfect fit for creating a delicate balance between experimentation and a decadent statement.  

Long Earrings

Statement-making, attention-seeking, and extremely playful- long earrings enhance any outfit they are paired with. Showcasing themselves in a variety of designs and materials, long earrings are modern pieces of excellence, that exude luxury and feminism in every style through their alluring and ornate structures. 

Finish Wise Earrings

If you’re looking for investment worthy earrings, choosing the right kind of finish is really vital as it determines the entire look of the design. Gold finish adds a unique charm to the earrings whereas one can choose to go for silver finishing to create an understated yet impactful look. Accents such as pearls and a tinge of colour can also be added to spruce up any striking ensemble.