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The dawn of Autumn Winter 2022 brings a fresh new take on modern contemporary jewellery. With the festive season right around the corner, the spirit of joyous celebration during the new normal - is in the air and serves as a perfect excuse to indulge in designer jewels and the most coveted styles in high fashion jewellery. With an abundance of jewellery styles and designs to pick from - which accessories and fine jewels should one indulge in for AW2022? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

From chokers and statement earrings to bracelets bangles, the highlight of the season’s luxury jewellery styles are personified with OH Celeste. An enchanting collection resplendent of unique-toned Swarovski Pearls and brilliant-cut crystals, the OH Celeste is a treasure trove of exquisitely crafted jewels and the undaunted styles of the season - that fit perfectly well to upturn your wardrobe with a celebratory spirit this festive season.

The Statement Earrings ofOur Dreams

OH Celeste Blazar Earrings

OH Celeste Ara Sirius Earrings

The transformative power of a pair of statement earrings or studs should not be underestimated. Capturing a dreamy celestial vision, the designer earrings from this collection pair well with any number of ensembles. The OH Celeste Blazar Earrings elevate any outfit from being off-duty to a power-look, while the OH Celeste Sirius Hoop Earrings are a classic add-on to edgy looks. Dainty jewellery such as stud earrings are a minimalist’s dream come true: the OH V Lunar Studs or the Scorpia Nova Studs boast comfort, ease, and style.

Cuffed to Bracelets

OH V Iridescent Nova Handcuff

OH Celeste Blazar Handcuff

You can never go wrong with arm candy for any festive soiree - or brunch. Therein lies the versatility of the handcuff or the bracelet, you can style it to your heart’s content for any occasion. The OH V Astra is an iconic reinvention of the House Monogram. Tassel cuff bracelets are all the rage this season, and the unique black feather detailing handcrafted into the OH Celeste Blazar Handcuff is Outhouse Jewellery’s take on the trend. Autumn Winter 2022 has adapted to pearl jewellery designs in a rather covetable way, and the OH V Iridescent Nova Handcuff with its flashes of Swarovski pearls go well with a satin ivory shirt or dress.

Chokers Of theSeason

OH Celeste Sirius Embellished Choker

OH Celeste Iridescent Cosmos Choker

Chokers are classic yet modern: one of the many factors that make it an It-jewel, right from high street fashion to minimalist contemporary jewellery designs. The iteration of chokers this festive season calls for unique styles like the OH Celeste Iridescent Cosmos Choker or the OH Celeste Sirius Embellished Choker - that can be styled with low-cut necklines to let the choker reign, with similar pieces from this jewellery collection.

The Defining Necklace

OH Celeste Nova Pendant

OH V Sautoir

From brilliant cut Swarovski crystals to uniquely styled pearls, we’ve picked out a few of our favourite handmade necklaces from OH Celeste. We adore a look in abundance and in layers - The OH V Sautoir has an effortless style, best paired with minimalist looks to let it exude its defining charm. Set lavish lines of sophistication with the OH Celeste Nova Pendant - a stunning beacon of power this festive season: its luxurious simplicity allows it to sit comfortably with evening wear.

Ring It Up

Lynx Midi Rings

Lynx Midi Rings

Rings are an infallible method to bring bling to your look - whether you’re adorning midi ringsdesigner rings, or two-finger rings, they are decidedly the route to go. This festive season, explore the art of layering to the max and getting into the spirit of the festivities by embellishing your evening wear with dainty jewellery such as The Lynx Midi Rings. Like similar styles from the collection, the OH Celeste Cosmos Ring is a subtle yet sophisticated piece of jewel to add on to your looks.


Whether you gravitate towards a statement earring, a classic pendant or a stack of rings - these luxurious styles will elevate your wardrobe and evolve in style with trends as they grow. The beauty of handcrafted essentials lies in their timeless quality of adapting to the trends and occasions and stay forever relevant as perennial favourites.